Improve Your Digital Sales Performance

Our Sales Performance Support provides focused attention in areas where our expertise is most needed. The goal is to help you improve sales performance in very targeted ways. We divide these services into ways we help sales leadership and ways we support the entire sales team. 

Learn from our over 25 years of Digital Media experience.

Ignite Local is powered by SFG Interactive and in partnership with Guarantee Digital. Together we have been helping media companies and digital agencies since 1999. On top of generating new revenue, we will also help with:

  • Managing expenses by aligning your labor cost with digital expenditure
  • Increase Your Client Retention through high level communication and performance.
  • Growing Your Agency by giving you the scope and scale to take on any new opportunity

Ignite Local and Guarantee Digital team of digital experts are here to give your agency the marketing strategies, support, expertise, results, and partnership you need to become the best digital agency in your market!

We are the wizard behind the curtain.

Virtual Team Meetings

You’re busy, yet still want to sharpen your team’s skills and ensure they stay on track. Let us help you bring energy and insights to your team meetings.

Account Development Clinics

Help your Account Executives improve their ability to identify and develop their highest potential accounts using a step-by-step process to spot opportunities and create growth

Digital Sales Accelerator Series

Two-day workshop to help media salespeople better understand the Digital landscape to be more likely to hear Digital opportunities during needs analysis meetings and to propose smart integrated solutions.

Target Drive Consulting

Drive short-term revenue while reinforcing the importance selling of tailored solutions to high-priority accounts. Our approach blends selling new business with mastering the sales process.

We provide training and strategy on a full suite of digital marketing services.

Ignite Local helps your local media sales team to become experts in digital marketing. Each salesperson will become experts in the top digital marketing services including:

Over-the-Top TV (OTT)

Social Media Advertising

Programmatic Display/Native

YouTube Advertising

Targeted Email

Paid Search

Social Content

Pre-Roll Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Development

Join our Monthly Master Class on Agency Revenue Development.

Since 1999, Ignite and our partners have worked directly with local media companies, agencies and small business owners. On top of that, the key members of our partnership are also small business owners themselves. Join us each month as we host our Master Class on how to find new clients that produce new & recurring revenue and we discuss some cost saving ways to scale your agency as well.

As Former Sales Executives,
We Get It!

  • We learn your current process, how you set goals and measure success.
  • We provide an individual assessment on each member of your sales team.
  • We work directly with your management team to establish the training plan that will optimize your structure & strengths.
  • We will implement tactics that generate new, recurring revenue.
  • We will provide on-going sales support so you always have a resource when things get tough.